Student Health Center


The Student Health Center will be open for administrative purposes only for Summer term from May 28th - August 23rd. We can be reached at 925-631-4254. Please see our list of local resources if you require medical care during this time. 

Our urgent care clinic will reopen at the start of the Fall 2024 term on August 26th. 


The Student Health Center is an urgent care facility conveniently located on the Saint Mary's College campus in the lower level of Augustine Hall. Our staff provides confidential clinical 服务 to all Saint Mary's students with compassion and integrity. Our holistic approach supports the mind, body, and spirit.

Our staff provide medical 服务 in an urgent care model to all enrolled students for illnesses and injuries. These 服务 are provided regardless of health insurance or residential status. For serious or chronic illnesses, students are assessed by our Clinicians and referred or “bridged” to hospitals and medical providers in the community, if appropriate, or to their primary medical provider at home.

General Information

As an urgent care clinic we strive to provide accessible and patient centered wellness 服务. Learn how to make an appointment 在这里. Our regular hours can be found 在这里


All enrolled Saint Mary's students are eligible to use the Student Health Center, no matter what insurance a student may have. 


Medical records are confidential and are protected by law. 因此, information in a student's medical records, absent an order of the court (subpoena or warrant), may not be disclosed, 讨论了, or copied without the student's written consent, except in the case of public health matters w在这里 certain diseases are required to be reported to Contra Costa County Health 服务. If medical information is requested by either a private Clinician or by the Student Health Center, this must be in writing with a release of information form signed by the student.

If a student is under 18, they may require parental/guardian consent to obtain certain 服务 at the Student Health Center. The consent form can be found 在这里

Medical Excuses

The Student Health Center does not issue class excuses but can provide documentation that a student was seen at the Student Health Center if needed.